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Environmental Economics


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In class we are discussing many ways in which the transition from dirty technologies to new technologies presents difficulties for a government and a society to make. It is difficult to make because when a society participates in such dirty technologies for so long, they become dependent on that path and it becomes costly to shift into cleaner, more sustainable energy sources.

The United States addiction to oil will be one that truly fits the definition of “Path Dependence”. It will be extremely difficult to cut ties to this addiction. However there are many technologies being developed that would perhaps make this transition easier and one I believe will be the most influential is the development of Batteries.

Batteries will help resolve our addiction to oil because they help alleviate the production of power by allowing the user to store the energy instead of just constantly slurping it from the original power source, which is the cause of countless tons of carbon in the atmosphere. It is important that we continue to research because of it is the key to making a successful infrastructure for sustainability. Since our current infrastructure is not suited for an electric transition, batteries will aid in this transition, because new batteries will last longer, it will better reproduce the effect that gasoline engines produce and allow consumers to make the transition easier and make the transition sooner.

In the wave of controversy that comes with sustainability I feel that batteries are a solution that is commonly overlooked. However, with the development in this technology it could greatly benefit our move away from path dependence and a cleaner environment for the future.


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