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Steve Howard’s “Lets go all in on selling sustainability”

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Steve Howard’s “Lets go all in on selling sustainability” is a Ted Talk regarding businesses making the transition to sustainable products that are actually appealing to the customer. Since populations are growing and the environment continues to get polluted it is crucial that the population starts taking the initiative towards sustainability. Steve argues that businesses can help; they can lead the way for consumers using LED light bulbs as an example. LED bulbs are extremely more efficient than the old halogen and florescent bulbs, so business need to completely stop selling the old inefficient bulbs. They need to go “all in” when selling the new products so people will purchase them, hence the title of the program.

He also talks about IKEA’s work to become sustainable, by putting turbines and solar panels on the big buildings he is able to saying money, and typically break even with electricity costs. Free electricity, he says, looks good for the CFO and for the environment people. Howard’s bottom line is that we can’t wait for change to happen; we must act on it now and lead the way.

When watching this video, I very much agreed with what he is saying. The video started to sound like an IKEA commercial but nonetheless his message was clear. We can sell sustainably if we take the plunge and lead the way for people.


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